How to correctly use child safety seats?
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How to correctly use child safety seats?


Choose the suitable safety seat, and according to the correct method for installation, the next step is used correctly! The use of the following error, you do the right thing? If, safety seat is in use process, also can give children bring great security hidden danger!


Safety seat use erroneous zone



Error 1: seat belt too loose





A safety hazard:In order to let the baby more comfortable, parents often don't have the heart to pull the belt too tight. Crash, the child easily from the relaxation, the belt was thrown in the seat cause secondary damage, serious when still can be left out of the car.

Revised standard:With finger pinching belt, can hold up too loose. When the nurse sent newborn, will check whether the use of safety seat qualified in person, they will put the finger down to a safe, can only be plugged into a finger is up to standard.



Mistake 2: let the baby to sit early





A safety hazard:Rear-facing seats can be through the back of the chair will force of the collision of completely spread to the entire torso and head. , according to data for children under 2 years old, facing the rear and the front, compared to five times less likely to crash killed or injured.

Revised standard:Before the age of the baby 3 (height or weight does not exceed seating regulations limit) should be as far as possible the use of reverse installation safety seat.



Mistake 3: reverse installation Angle is not appropriate




A safety hazard:The baby's airway is very narrow, only is equivalent to the thickness of a straw. Seat too vertical reverse installation Angle, baby heavier head leaning forward, there is oppression airway, the risk of suffocation.

Revised standard:Reverse installation recommendations Angle between 30 ° to 45 ° Angle seat comes with a lot of security Angle measuring instrument or logo, please choose the right Angle according to the instructions.




Mistake 4: no increased use cushion





A safety hazard:When the child grew older, height or weight more than safety seat highs, many parents let their children directly using the adult seat belt. However, the adult seat belt does not apply to children under 1.40 m in height. Once had a car accident, a seat belt in the most likely moment off the neck of children vulnerable, lead to death.

Revised standard:Height is not more than 1.40 m children, if you use a car seat belt will le to the neck and the abdomen, should buy heighten pad class child safety seats.



Error 6: wear thick clothes take a seat




A safety hazard:Smooth fabric, fleeciness modelling, let the friction between the belts with their children is reduced greatly. Collision occurs, the children will be like "might" flung from the down jacket and cotton-padded jacket, causing serious injury.

Revised standard:Fluffy and smooth coat off first, and then put the baby in the seat. If baby is afraid of catching cold, covered the baby with a blanket or coat on the outside of the seat belt.